Weekly Gatherings

Every week residents gather on Tuesday nights for a rotating purpose. All community members, supporters, and friends are welcome to join us on weeks 2 or 4 of each rotation. See our calendar for the schedule.

If you’d like to sign up to provide a meal for one of these gatherings, please email info@jerichoroadrenewal.org

Week 1 – All resident, curriculum-based discussion night (closed group). Week 2 – Social night (men and women separate). Week 3 – All resident, curriculum-based discussion night (closed group). Week 4 – Big Group Fellowship, Testimony & Worship

Communal Living

Apply to join one of our three communities living together in houses in 77021 and work on creating new patterns of living. These communities provide a fertile environment for people to flourish personally and relationally and you will also grow in what it means to be a good neighbor.

Serving Staff and Students at Cullen Middle School

Through the Friends of Cullen group, help out with teacher appreciation breakfasts, join for prayer walks, and sign up to volunteer for other ad-hoc events and needs as the school lets us know.

Open events are in emails and on the calendar. If you have ideas or questions, reach out to us!