Rise Again

Our Mision: To bake bread so that we may hire and house the homeless.

We are an employee-owned business that seeks to provide work and stability to those in need.

Meet the Team

Kevin (AKA K-Dough)

Hello, my name is Kevin (AKA: K-Dough) and I’m the Customer Engagement Manager at Rise Again.

I’m very patient, I follow Christ, and I’m a genuine good guy.

I’ve been at Jericho Road for 4 years and I’m looking forward to, as best as I can, uplifting the bread company and Jericho Road at the same time. I would love for Rise Again to get big enough for me to see it really helping people.


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Curtis (AKA Flow-Dough)

Hi, I’m Curtis, the Chaplain at Rise Again. I also serve as the Dish and Floor Caretaker.

When I was younger, I used to love hot dogs. It didn’t even have to be on a hot dog bun, just the meat and bread.

I’ve been at Jericho for 3 years, and I hope Rise Again accomplishes the mission that it was set out to do.


Hello, my name is Ron, and I serve as the Customer Support and Satisfaction Manager.

I grew up in Houston, and something interesting about me is that I like to fish.

It will be good once we get Rise Again up and running and build up our clientele


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MATT BARNES (AKA Hot Biscuit Sally)

Call me… Hot Biscuit Sally. I am the Co-Founder of Rise Again.

There by the grace of God go I.

Get in Touch

  • (866) 524-2770
  • riseagainbread@gmail.com
  • Insta: @Rise_Again_Bread
  • Youtube: @RiseAgain-Bread