What We're ABout

Jericho Road Renewal is a journey to understand every human, including ourselves, to have inestimable value, and through that discovery reflect that truth wherever we are with everyone we meet.

Each "initiative" that is part of the Jericho Road Renewal collective has a mission of strengthening the fabric of our community in South Union.

We believe that communities thrive when relationships are strong and when rising leaders and existing potential is energized and supported.

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One of the first initiatives part of Jericho Road Renewal collective was Jericho House. This is a has been a place to call home for men during transitions seasons of life. Eleven men over the past year and a half have lived at the home at various times, sharing meals together, supporting one another, driving each other to work and hosting community events.

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Located inside the 610 loop, between 288 and I-45 and below historic Third Ward, South Union is a neighborhood in a season of change. In some ways the change is for the better and in other ways it is to the detriment of the community. OST/South Union is also named as one of Mayor Turner's "GO Neighborhoods"

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Friends of Cullen

In 2012, Ryan Middle School was closed due to enrollment and financial struggles and re-opened as a magnet school. Now Cullen Middle School is the only remaining regular public middle school in the neighborhood and has been given the rating "Improvement Required" for multiple years in a row by TEA. The school has tenacious staff and teachers, a new Principal, and a "Turnaround"  plan and we want to support them as best we can as well as provide additional support to students.

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